Fred Giovannitti Ink and Energy Tattooing Delaware Best Private Tattoo studio

Contact Information

Fred Giovannitti can be found exclusively, by appointment, at his private studio in Lewes, DE.


My rates are as follows (once a project proposal is accepted):

- All accepted project proposals ultimately require an in-person consultation. 

For new clients: $50 consultation fee (Payable in advance via email invoice. Non-refundable. Does not apply to tattoo procedure costs. Does not guarantee project proposal acceptance.)

- Once a project is accepted:

Session fee: $150 per hour with a 3 hour minimum per session. 5 hour max. (New clients are limited to a maximum of one session every 2 weeks)

- After 6 hours, the price drops to $100 per hour (although the session minimum subsequently raises to 4 hours, max 6 hours.)


You can email me directly via email:, or by filling out the New Client Application Form HERE.




32191 Nassau Rd. Unit 1 Lewes, DE 19958

Phone: 1-302-827-7546